Hadas Hayun

Hadas Hayun


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Hebrew Studies

Hometown: Miami, FL

Campus Involvement: Hillel, Danceworks Productions

Fun Facts: Doesn't have a favorite color, favorite food is hot dogs, loves to listen to music from around the world!

Why are you excited for the year? I am excited to bring old and new members together through Jewish and interfaith programming on campus.

Sasha Pezenik

Sasha Pezenik

Vice President

Major: History

Minor: Hebrew

Hometown: Queens, NY

Campus Involvement: Phi Alpha Delta, pre professional chair

Fun Facts: I've been to over 35 countries, I have watched The Office 7 times, I can quote every line of Forrest Gump

Why are you excited for this year? I am excited to bring my new program ideas to Hillel. There are a million different ways to connect to Judaism, it's all about finding the best fit for you! I believe the best way to do that is through interesting & engaging programming.

Samantha Meltzer

Samantha Meltzer

Financial Vice President

Major: Mathematical Finance

Minors: Economics & Accounting 

Hometown: Palm Beach Garden, FL

Campus Involvement: Treasurer of Hofstra Hillel Financial Management Association, Investment Analysis Association

Fun Fact: I can put my foot behind my head, I played the flute for 10 years, I love trying foods from different countries.

What are you excited for this year? I'm excited to bring new members into our family & create exciting programming that engages everyone in our Hofstra community.

Courtney Shapiro

Courtney Shapiro

Communications Vice President

Major: Journalism

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ

Campus Involvement: Hillel, staff writer for Her Campus, APO fraternity

Fun Facts: Read over 100 books in 2017, attended NY Fashion Week twice, favorite breakfast food is pancakes!

Why are you excited for the year? I am excited to take on a Jewish leadership position and get to know more people through Hillel.

Melissa  Berman

Melissa Berman

Communications Vice President

Major: Journalism & Drama 

Hometown: North Bellmore, NY

Campus Involvement: Hillel, pep band, WRHU

Fun Facts: My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, I am a sleep away counselor, I love to shop & do makeup!

Why are you excited for the year? I am excited to help all the students at Hofstra feel welcome and create awesome events!

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