Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

There so many ways to get involved with Hillel. Visiting this website is a great start. Continue to explore the Student section of the website. You can always email any of the staff or student leaders We would be happy to meet you in person.

Is Hillel a particular type of Judaism?

No.  Hofstra Hillel envisions a world in which every Jewish students makes an enduring commitment to Jewish life.   Hillel's role is not to define Jewish. In fact, Hillel feels it is the responsibility for each student to define Jewish for themselves.  Hillel offers weekly Friday night Reform and Conservative services and often has an alternative service.  Besides Friday evening services everything we do occurs in a pluralistic atmosphere where students from all backgrounds are welcome and no one type of Judaism in imposed.

Is there kosher food available besides the meals at Shabbat services?

Yes, there is kosher food availalbe.   The University offers kosher food as one of the many dining options on campus.  Eli's Kosher Kitchen is located in the Mack Student Center.  More information can be found by clicking here.

What are the membership fees for Hillel?

There is no membership fee to join Hillel (at Hofstra University Hillel isn't an organization that students belong to - Hillel belongs to them).  We don't see Hillel as a "club" or a group "to join."  Rather, students can interact with Hillel and its programs on their own terms.  Anyone can attend Hillel's programs, and students are invited to any and all events most of which are free of charge.

I never had anything to do with the Hillel when I was a student 10/20/30/40 years ago, so why should I support it now?

If you are like many Jewish Hofstra alums, you probably wish that Hillel had been like this when you were in school. The fact is that few Hillels offer as wide an array of quality programs as Hofstra Hillel.  With new kosher food on campus, student leadership initiatives, and unique travel opportunities Hofstra Hillel is becoming a destination for Jewish students. Support for Hofstra Hillel is an investment in the future of American Jewish life, and one which we are trying to ensure will continue to pay great dividends.

I am not observant. Can I still participate?

Of course!! Hofstra Hillel is here for everyone.  Hillel is often seen as a religious organization and while that is true we are NOT ONLY a religious organization. We offer so much more - cultural and social programs, community service opportunities, leadership training, etc.

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